I randomly started blogs so much that it could be counted as a list of my murdered victims. But no seriously, I was blogging as a hobby through the awkward teenage years and my deplorable high school years when that was the most important thing to me. And I’ve grown up liking writing way more than math or science. While I quite obviously enjoy science, it’s a particular science that gets me interested. Forensic Science has been also another passion of mine since high school, but I was too unfocused to pursue that in any real way. I am mostly sure I still am.

Why I feel the need to share my life

Because in this day and age, who doesn’t? I have been around the internet for as long as it’s inception when I was a wee one, so the internet kind of have a love/hate romance going on. When I first started writing I wanted to write a film, star in it, and direct it. And then I went to of course, wanting to publish my own novel. A few fan-fiction stories and a 10 year gap, and here I am back burning the midnight oil. And also overwhelming myself with the possibilities, because you know making a film & my dreams come true is something I feel other people may want to join in on. Our journeys together can be so much fun!

The more you know

I’ve always felt like the more things I was able to learn, the more I felt I understood where my life was taking me. However I also believe that life isn’t something you’re supposed to understand. Yes, I know I’m an oxymoron. But I want to share what I learn and crush some goals in the mean time. I want to raise awareness to those who can’t do it for themselves: mainly through my fictional stories, but also my true crime posts.

What this site can do for you?

This blog is for those people who don’t have a voice, who want to get out of my mind. But also for those willing to listen, share and talk about how things in life that other people might find silly. The dead and the fictionally located will finally have a voice through this blog. And I just think you might learn to live and love vicariously through this internet blog – just like me. I want to share everything I can with the world, and that includes you.

Where to start?

  • If you like true crime, start here
  • If you like reading, start here
  • If you’re just browsing, take a look at this
  • If you’re looking for a new project, start here
  • If you want to know my opinion, catch me here

Other projects you might find interesting

Foreshadow Media – My publishing company of all sorts of content
Kinklibrary – The sexiest place to speak your mind on all things BDSM

47 random facts about me

1. I have a cat named Puddin’ and a ball python named Lucifer.
2. I use a bullet journal EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It’s the best thing ever for my brain.
3. My favorite television show is Supernatural.
4. My best friend is a Moose.
5. I hate seafood, especially octopus.
6. I was born in 1988 in Cincinnati, Ohio.
7. Call me Jen-uh – or Jen. My name is not Gina, although I’m sure my friend Gina is fine with her name.
8. The force is one with me, and I am one with the Force.
9. I am a huge fan of musicals.
10. I have a thing for the Joker. Don’t judge me.
11. I learned to crochet in the summer when it was hot, and I hate touching yarn in the summer.
12. I talk to spiders, because I can and I’m cool.
13. I was born with a birth defect called Hydrocephalus. To know more here’s more on Wikipedia.
14. I’ve only lived in Cincinnati, and a small town in Indiana (fyi it wasn’t much different).
15. I don’t like carbonation, therefore I don’t like soda pop.
16. Pens are my weakness, I have a lot of them and I hardly let anyone touch them. I have a serious issue when it comes to letting people borrow my pens.
17. If I can DIY it, I probably will. But I’ve always got projects happening.
18. Deadpool is my spirit animal. He’s the best hero ever.
19. I am a huge coaster junkie, and I like pretty much every coaster I’ve been on.
20. I sleep with a wolf plush named Simon, he’s pretty awesome and soft.
21. I have a favorite serial killer of all time, and it’s HH Holmes. Yeah, I’m aware I’m weird.
22. I love animals, I want them all. But I’m happy with my cat and my reptiles.
23. The horror genre is my absolute favorite, even if it’s dumb.
24. I like adventures, even if it’s just in a book.
25. I’m perpetually tired, like 80% percent of the time.
26. Scooby Doo has been my favorite cartoon since I was 3 years old. I still watch the cartoons to this day.
27. My favorite movie is Seven.
28. If you don’t like tacos, we can’t be friends. But I also love sandwiches.
29. I hit rock bottom in 2010, and crawled out of the hole.
30. My favorite band is Avenged Sevenfold.
31. I am the official definition of hangry. I don’t like going hungry, I get angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.
32. The one place I want to visit is Egypt. I have always wanted to go there to see the culture.
33. I’ve had several ghostly encounters, it has been a very interesting experience.
34. I have a serious love of funk music, and weird music from the 80’s.
35. I always have a fan on, no matter where I am.
36. I have 3 tattoos and I plan on getting more. One is an anatomical heart on my right forearm, one is the world “fiction” on my left arm, and one on my back that says “let it burn.
37. Most of my clothes are black, I am what you would consider gothic, but I don’t like titles so fuck it.
38. I’m what most people consider short, standing at 5’2” – I am a tiny angry person.
39. Some people tell me I’m an extremely blunt person. I just like to be honest.
40. I own at least 400 books, and I like it that way. I like big books and I cannot lie.
41. I have a fear of water, but we have a working relationship.
42. My favorite social media platform is Twitter. I also like Instagram. My name in both places is: jenuhhcide if you’re curious.
43. I like jigsaw puzzles, I do a lot of them. I also love board games, and I would love to play a D & D game. Yes, I’m a nerd, we’ve covered this already.
44. My second home is Kings Island.
45. My favorite song ever is called Good for Your Soul by Oingo Boingo
46. Religion is a topic I don’t like talking about, but I am a spiritual person.
47. I’m not good at completing things, but I did complete this list. I am working on changing this last fact.